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Beneath the Surface - M.A. Stacie *The ARC for this book was provided by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review*The main premise was promising, a hero who engages in fight club to dispel his anger and aggression. His main persona is a cool, almost cold and to the book type of CEO, always clashing both with his father and troubled younger brother. The character of Dale is also very interesting and refreshing. Her physical appearance states she has an almost innocent and fragile air about her but she opens her mouth and you have a smart young woman with a rapier sharp tongue, not intimidated at all by her uber hot boss. The definite physical attraction is evident and it wasn't long after, work ethics out the window, they're engaging in the hot and heavy. But and this is the painful part, I could not connect to both of them. Taken piece by piece their scenes together work, they have evident chemistry, there is no instant love at first sight but lust is definitely felt which is good. Its the character inconsistency, Kyran's release of anger is thru fight club and yet he tends to still blow up at his father and brother at work. You would think, he would bottle it all up and just release all this at fight club and through sex. Dale's character is another whiplash inducing one, mostly its thru her dialogue with Kyran, like it doesn't feel that she was that person at the start of the book. The constant back and forth with regards to their relationship feels like its not really necessary since it doesn't seem to move the plot forward. It did get better at the middle, the flow felt better, the backstory at this part was well incorporated it wasn't front and center but provided that trigger to get the plot moving forward. The scenes between the MC's became better as well more productive again the plot progressed. Overall, it was a good read, entertaining, hot, with good main characters, it was just a very slow start.