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Fortunate - Andrew JH Sharp Fortunate, isn't about a woman trying to find herself, rather its about her trying to get back home. Beth Jenkins, a doctor in the UK, has had a tough year. She was just newly married when her husband Matt suffered an aneurysm, leaving him with no memory of the past and an almost child like demeanor truly dependent on her. She plods her way thru her day, trying to not remember that the dreams she and Matt wanted to build can never come to be. She meets interesting people thru her practice, mostly immigrants from Zimbabwe. She finds out her husband has kept the fact that he had spent time in Zimbabwe as well. And then one day, when she felt really hopeless, she just decided to up and leave. Her destination, Zimbabwe. Fortunate is not just Beth's story, its about all the people around her that seems to have a connection to one event and one land. We are introduced to a whole gamut of individuals, conspiracies, mystery and even past murders. There are dangerous adventures for Beth all for the sake of trying to deliver a letter. She finds out that in the end you can't outrun your past and live like it never existed. This was a well written novel, with great imagery and historical details about the land that holds a certain magic for the characters in the book. The character of Beth, however, was in someway hard to relate to. You can feel sympathy for her plight but it was so hard to grasp her motivation for her actions initially. The ending, was fitting and in a way was a happily ever after.