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Undertaking Love - Kat French Love, Actually meets Four Weddings and a Funeral. Sparks fly when wedding chapel owner Marla Jacobs finds out that a funeral parlor will be opening right near her place of business. Never mind that funeral director Gabriel Ryan is more gorgeous than any undertaker has a right to be. Who cares if that irish brogue of his keeps giving her those sweaty dreams. Keeping her business afloat is of top priority, or so she thinks. This was a fun and delightful read, full of quirky characters and a few out of the box takes on those romantic tropes. Kat French's writing style is good, keeping the pace flowing, the bantering great and those wicked dialogues (*cough*Claudia was a riot*cough*) to keep on coming. This was basically a romance where the couple eventually got their happily ever after. To quote " You two are like Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers kept apart by the brides on one side and the widows on the other." It does read like those British rom-com movies, there were a lot of POVs from the different characters in the book, which made it more interesting. However, it was difficult to get into Marla's character at first and it took awhile to warm up to her. Gabe's character was pretty straightforward, he was the overall nice guy, well bit more Colin Farrell than Hugh Grant. In fact, the not so nice guy got the Hugh Grant persona. But overall definitely an entertaining read.