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The Vampire Queen's Servant - Joey W. Hill Lady Lyssa, queen of the vampires, the last in the line of pure royalty has been given a gift by her former human servant. Jacob, an ex-vampire hunter, has made it his goal to belong to Lady Lyssa, to become her bonded human slave. The premise of The Vampire Queen's Servant is very simple. Is Jacob worthy enough for Lady Lyssa and will she accept him as hers, bonded to her until her own life ends (that's pretty long considering she's nearly 5 centuries old)? But this is a Joey W. Hill novel and they never are simple. This is a story solely between two people. There is a subplot but serves more as background, a conflict source. But as a whole this is a book about Lyssa and Jacob, its their interaction, submission, domination, their anger, their joy, their love. Its as intense as anything. Although very strong on the BDSM elements and graphic sexual scenes, its the exchange during those moments that makes you aware of the emotions between Lyssa and Jacob. They serve as the catalyst, a way of communicating their deepest darkest fears, their happiest moments, their deepest longing. Readers get into their minds, and are privileged enough to understand them, their decisions, their actions. Wonderful writing from Joey W. Hill.