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Runaway Groom - Sally Clements This was a fun, fast paced contemporary romance about April and Matthew and the big pink elephant in the room. Namely, the fact that Matthew was supposed to marry April's sister, June, seven years ago but instead had become the Runaway groom. The conflict point was easily resolved but the book delved more on how the relationship develops between this two people after the fact. Matthew keeps running, still scared of the intensity of his feelings for April. April on the other hand, remains levelheaded, acknowledging the fact that things were proceeding too fast but still wanting more from Matthew. This isn't your usual romantic story were everything falls into place once everyone says I love you. In that sense its more real, the romance between average people and how sometimes you have more bumps than smooth sailing and its more happily ever for now but you take it day to day. Runaway Groom was well written evident in the smooth flow of the story. I did find the latter part a bit dragging but overall it was still a very entertaining read.