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Some like It Spicy - Robbie Terman 3.5 starsSome Like It Spicy,definitely lives up to its name. The title doesn't just allude to the heat level between the characters of Celebrity Chef Ty Cates and Ashton Grey, although that was definitely High Heat. It also places emphasis on the way their relationship started and how they were walking a very fine line while pursuing it. Ty and Ashton, as characters were both given enough depth to make the story more plausible. A jaded celebrity whose love for cooking has been put to the back burner, Ty was about ready to call it quits but contracts and obligations seems to stop him at every turn. Ashton Grey, a talented chef in her own right, needed to win this contest to save her restaurant from closing. Her temper and displaced anger was something else she needed to control. Once they met however, obligations and everything else was forgotten. This was a very well written book, full of bantering dialogues, yummy food, steamy sex as well as giving us glimpses on how those reality TV shows might come off differently on the other side of the camera. The conflict was well placed but was not an overwhelming factor in the progress of the story. I mean you know that they were going to get caught sooner or later but what was nice about this one was that it was never drawn out or even emphasized. Instead it kind of highlighted the love story between the two. The ending was definitely befitting of all those reality shows we secretly love. If you love food and you love a good romance then you will enjoy this one.*The ARC for this book was provided by NetGalley and the publisher in return for an honest review*