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Hunter - Jax, Jacquelyn Frank I really liked this book. Jax aka Jacquelyn Frank is a really talented writer when it comes to world building and character development. This time around Hunter centers around witches and warlock, good versus evil and true love versus extremely addicting sexual attraction. Hunter has returned to Willow Coven, after 10 long years of soul searching. Known as the Sentinel, a very strong spellcaster, he has been summoned as evil has threatened his family. Tatyana finds her way to the Willow Coven house that same night, unaware of the danger she has fallen into while seeking her brother Dmitri who has found his path among a new family. Hunter, despite the title is actually a very good paranormal thriller. Romance is definitely the central theme but the Willow Coven and its band of white or good witches are definitely a story on its own. The author excels in vivid description, fantastic characters with very individual traits that jump off the page. The magic world with witches with various powers and the premise of developing talents is truly astounding. Lush, sensual scenes, the passion and the sexual heat between Tatyana and Hunter is almost palpable, you pause in the reading to take a deep breath. Pulse pounding action with an on-the-edge of your seat feeling during pivotal moments are well executed. The only downside, it felt like the world building has already been established prior to this book when in fact it has just started. Still, paranormal fans will appreciate Hunter on its own.