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Little Fish

Little Fish - Ramsey Beyer I haven't read a graphic novel/ comic book for a very long time but Little Fish is something quite different. For one its an autobiography. Ramsey Beyer chronicles her first year of college in Baltimore, living far away from her small hometown in Michigan. It's a young woman's journey into discovering who she is and how big the world is outside of her safe environment, crafted by way of drawings and artful notes. Initially, it looks very simple almost plain even in the storytelling however as you keep reading you noticed the way each zine, graphic, note enhances the tale being told directly to the reader.It is a story within the art, simple yet charming, captivating and heartwarming. A different reading experience that most can appreciate and enjoy.By the end of the book, I was so invested in her story that I wanted to learn more about her experiences. A coming of age novel that feels like the person is definitely living it.